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Polderslot Costume Workshop

november 29th - december 1st 2019

Shire of Polderslot - The Netherlands

The Shire of Polderslot is excited to host an event dedicated to making costumes. This will be an open workshop to share knowledge and ideas and enjoy working together. There will be classes, but also lots of room to just work on projects.

If you have unfinished garb lying on the shelf, or you want to get started making garb for the first time, or take on a new project or different period, if you would like advice or inspiration or just want to look at pretty costume books, or sew till you drop, you are invited! (Yes, sewingmachines will be (discreetly) present). And by the way, there will be things to do for non-sewing people as well, like games, archery, fighter practice and possibly some vegetable chopping!

We plan to have an open workspace where people can work on projects, have impromptu workshops on cool techniques or brain storms on how to fix stuck projects.

There will also be two tracks of workshops: Mistress Victoria will be running intermediate/ advanced classes focusing on late period garb, and for beginners there will be introductory workshops on different periods, how to work with patterns and sewing machine and basic techniques.

This plan is open to some adaptation depending on what people would like to do and learn. To do this as best we can, we would like everyone to answer a few questions on what experience they have, what they would like to learn and which workshops they would like to do. We will send the questionnaire to you by email.


De Stevert
Stevert 18

The site will open at 7pm on Friday and close at 14pm on Sunday.

De Stevert has multiple sleeping rooms with bunkbeds (8 - 12 beds per room). Bring your own earplugs, bedsheets and or sleepingbags and pillow. Around the site is a forest with a small playground, a field for archery and fighter practice and parking.

Event Fees

Costs for the event are:

This fee includes a bed, travellers fare on Friday night, breakfast, lunch, and feast on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.

There may be some additional costs for workshop materials.


If you wish to attend the event, please make a reservation before November 22nd 2019 at https://www.polderslot.org/costuming2019-uk.html


the event will take place at:
De Stevert, Stevert 18, Steensel, The Netherlands.

Directions: By car via Highway A2 from the north of Eindhoven

- Keep right at junction of highways Ekkersweijer to A2 / A58 / E312 / E25 direction Maastricht - Venlo - Tilburg - Eindhoven ring road
- Take Ring Eindhoven exits 29-33 (A50 / N2)
- Take exit Veldhoven-Zuid (32).
- At the end of the exit turn right into the Kemperbaan direction Veldhoven and Steensel.
- Follow Kemperbaan to roundabout in Steensel
- At roundabout second exit to keep on Kemperbaan (straight).
- Take the third exit at the roundabout (left) direction Riethoven Riethovenseweg
- After 270m turn left towards Riethoven Riethovenseweg
- After about 1km the Stevert located on the left side of the road.


Event Stewards: pcw-stewards@polderslot.org
Lady Mariken van Oostbroeck, Marieke Jacobse,
Lady Laura van Schiedam, Yvonne Kruithof,
Mistress Hannah of Hanecnolle, Esther Beukenhorst,

Head Cooks: pcw-cooks@polderslot.org
Lady Æscwyn Potter, Agnes van den Brink.