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February 14th - February 16th 2020

Shire of Polderslot - The Netherlands

The shire of Polderslot is thrilled to announce that the youth of our shire will be organising and hosting an event. The theme is Valentine’s Day and there will be themed workshops and activities.

Not only will there be an opportunity for you to do some fun workshops, you will be making something nice for a loved one. There will be love and valentine related activities spread throughout the weekend.

The next generation of the shire of Polderslot hopes to see you there!


De Stevert
Stevert 18

The event will start at 7 pm on Friday the 14th of february and ends at 12 pm on Sunday the 16th.

Please note that De Stevert does not allow pets or animals onto the premises.

De Stevert has multiple dormitories with bunk beds (8 - 12 beds per room). Bring your own bedlinnen (sheets, sleeping bag, pillow, etc.). If desired please also bring your own earplugs. Around the site is a forest with a small playground, a field for archery and parking space.

Event Fees

Costs for the event are:

If you plan on daytripping with children you can contact us to discuss a price.

This fee includes: